How to Build Simple Website

You might have learned of WordPress, which can be an extremely popular open source applications that most Bloggers utilize to make their websites. In this essay, I’m planning to tell you tips on how to take advantage of this software to create a modest web site for the company to advertise products or your services. The following 5 steps are appropriate provided that you utilize the most recent variant 3 of WordPress.

Step one would be to organize your web site layout, there is a great example of simple layout You need to write the sitemap for the website on a sheet of paper down so that you will be clear of the construction.

The next thing to do will be to set up the WordPress in your server. It is possible to register an internet hosting account today with a lot of selections available online. The WordPress applications is supported by most of the hosting providers.

After you have the hosting account, it is possible to merely install WordPress by logging to the Cpanel and select QuickInstall or Fantastico and you may have your WordPress website installed inside several clicks!

As you’re making a web site that is simple, you’ll not want the default option posts that includes the setup. To delete all the default option posts, simply login to the back-end choose and places. So that you can delete them go most of the posts to Waste. You could have just one post since your setup is new to delete.

Fourth thing to do would be to begin creating the pages you want. To create pages on your web site, visit the back-end click and ‘Pages’ then ‘Add New’. This allows you to add the pages you want. It’s not that complex!

The final thing to do would be to place a page. Underneath the ‘Front Page Screens’ choice, Choose ‘A static page’ and select the page you want to place as home page to ensure it’ll show by default in your home page.

Reasons Your Business Website Needs a Simple Website

A clean and professional website design is invaluable for your business website. Your website is your business’s face on the Internet and your first impression to many customers. Use a busy and unprofessional website design and you’ll scare away potential customers. A busy and unprofessional website can doom your online marketing attempts, while a simple design appears far more professional and nets sales, check out this example of simple website.

When you depend on your website to bring sales and clients, it’s important to make your website look its best. Here are three ways an uncluttered and professional website design will help your business.


How to Make The Website with Website Builder

A website builder is a remarkable assistance that can help you in creating a web site for your company. If you are looking for a web site, you should think about using a website builder because it has many advantages to provide you or you can use simple and free WordPress theme, like this one used on Not only can you find some builders free of charge, they are generally quite simple to use and can save time. Constructing a site for your own business is essential because many people search for you on the internet before they ever start to phone your firm. Should you not have a site, you are sacrificing numerous potential clients which have gone to your own competitors. (more…)

Web Standards

More with less seems to be the mission impossible for web designers: Addressing more customers, a broader audience, more diversity in terms of browsers, more accessibility, users asking for more speed, while spending less to maintain or redesign a web site. Caught between a rock and a hard place, web designers face a formidable challenge. Yet they are finding an unsuspected ally in the battle: web standards.

This article discusses how adhering to web standards, and leaving behind proprietary markup and technologies, can contribute to a company’s business goals.
Site wide look and feel consistency (more…)


Here are many points of view regarding client vs. professional maintenance, and the decision is always a personal one. However, there are some key points to consider:

Cost of Software and Loss of Time vs. Cost of Professional Fees

Macromedia Contribute® is an HTML editor specifically designed to allow novice users the ability to make modest text and image edits on their websites. It will not allow changes in sections of the website locked by a Dreamweaver® Template. Also, it is primarily an HTML editor and is not designed to properly resize and compress images like a professional image editing application can.


Currently in development:

  • Trail Bay Estates
  • Powell Lake Estates
  • Halfmoon Bay Cabin
  • Sunshine Coast Property Development Corp

Newly launched!

  • Sechelt Fireplace and Gas Centre
  • Midas Alarm and Security
  • Nicholas Simons, MLA


bluefish is pleased to provide the following “webmaster-for-hire” services to new and existing clients All bluefish services can be purchased at standard time billing rates or as packaged time at discounted rates.Are you considering a website for your business? Do you have a website already, but don’t feel it’s working for you? Finding a designer and developing a website can be a confusing process. There are more than a handful of poorly designed and badly marketed available on the Internet, so it’s wise to be wary when making your decision. (more…)


We design many wonderful websites for local B&B owners and are proud of the work we do for the local tourism economy. But bluefish isn’t just a B&B designer, our client’s needs range from technical layouts to personal résumés.

We recently launched the service industry website, a local Pest Control company, new on the Toronto Market, and looking to make a modern, computer savvy impression.

Information based, this website’s focus is on educational content. It was designed to be easy to read, well-organized and simple to navigate, with the possibility to expand and grow over time as new services and products become available.

This portfolio contains a sampling of websites created by bluefish.
Small business websites:

Bayside Campground
Coracle Cove Bed and Breakfast †
Davis Bay Bed and Breakfast
Dave Coyle Antique Reproductions
Elizabeth Iglesias
Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP)
Great Escape B&B
Gunboat Bay Lodge†
Innovative Pest Control
Life’s a Beach
Marian’s on the Coast
Mr. Green-Up
Nicholas Simons, MLA
Olson, Beatty & Hnatiuk Golf Design and Construction
Target Marine† : is a canadian pest control company based in Toronto. The challenge was for them to create a simple website with a blog. We surpassed their expectations. Again in the pest control field, Pesticide Reform needed a simple and informational website to feature their services and affiliate organizations. We met the targets under budget.

Mid-range to large websites:

At the Shore†
Beachcomber Marine Spa
C-Breezes Waterfront Spa B&B
District of Sechelt
Evergreen Bed and Breakfast
Maritimer Bed and Breakfast
One2OneMate †
The Lund Hotel†
Romance Inn and Spa
Sechelt Inlet B&B