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More with less seems to be the mission impossible for web designers: Addressing more customers, a broader audience, more diversity in terms of browsers, more accessibility, users asking for more speed, while spending less to maintain or redesign a web site. Caught between a rock and a hard place, web designers face a formidable challenge.


Here are many points of view regarding client vs. professional maintenance, and the decision is always a personal one. However, there are some key points to consider: Cost of Software and Loss of Time vs. Cost of Professional Fees Macromedia Contribute® is an HTML editor specifically designed to allow novice users the ability to make


Currently in development: Trail Bay Estates Powell Lake Estates Halfmoon Bay Cabin Sunshine Coast Property Development Corp Newly launched! Sechelt Fireplace and Gas Centre Midas Alarm and Security Nicholas Simons, MLA


bluefish is pleased to provide the following “webmaster-for-hire” services to new and existing clients All bluefish services can be purchased at standard time billing rates or as packaged time at discounted rates.Are you considering a website for your business? Do you have a website already, but don’t feel it’s working for you? Finding a designer


We design many wonderful websites for local B&B owners and are proud of the work we do for the local tourism economy. But bluefish isn’t just a B&B designer, our client’s needs range from technical layouts to personal résumés. We recently launched the service industry website, nationalpest.ca a local Pest Control company, new on the