How to Build Simple Website

You might have learned of WordPress, which can be an extremely popular open source applications that most Bloggers utilize to make their websites. In this essay, I’m planning to tell you tips on how to take advantage of this software to create a modest web site for the company to advertise products or your services. The following 5 steps are appropriate provided that you utilize the most recent variant 3 of WordPress.

Step one would be to organize your web site layout, there is a great example of simple layout You need to write the sitemap for the website on a sheet of paper down so that you will be clear of the construction.

The next thing to do will be to set up the WordPress in your server. It is possible to register an internet hosting account today with a lot of selections available online. The WordPress applications is supported by most of the hosting providers.

After you have the hosting account, it is possible to merely install WordPress by logging to the Cpanel and select QuickInstall or Fantastico and you may have your WordPress website installed inside several clicks!

As you’re making a web site that is simple, you’ll not want the default option posts that includes the setup. To delete all the default option posts, simply login to the back-end choose and places. So that you can delete them go most of the posts to Waste. You could have just one post since your setup is new to delete.

Fourth thing to do would be to begin creating the pages you want. To create pages on your web site, visit the back-end click and ‘Pages’ then ‘Add New’. This allows you to add the pages you want. It’s not that complex!

The final thing to do would be to place a page. Underneath the ‘Front Page Screens’ choice, Choose ‘A static page’ and select the page you want to place as home page to ensure it’ll show by default in your home page.