bluefish is pleased to provide the following “webmaster-for-hire” services to new and existing clients All bluefish services can be purchased at standard time billing rates or as packaged time at discounted rates.Are you considering a website for your business? Do you have a website already, but don’t feel it’s working for you? Finding a designer and developing a website can be a confusing process. There are more than a handful of poorly designed and badly marketed available on the Internet, so it’s wise to be wary when making your decision.

Put our Experience to Work for You

bluefish has been working with companies to effectively market themselves online for over a decade, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We are dedicated to keeping current with HTML standards and practices, ensuring quality work for all our clients. Our focus isn’t solely on how the website looks, what happens behind the screen is equally important to us. Developing a website that is esthetically pleasing, while important, needs to be balanced with a website that performs properly.

Services include:

Graphic design and layout
HTML coding and layout
CGI/Perl, JavaScript and Java
Page optimization and Meta tag generation
HTML validation service
Website maintenance
Support via telephone, e-mail and messaging
Scanning of standard photographs
Professional training in Dreamweaver®
Digital photography
PHP programming
Content generation
Domain name registration
Hosting set-up and referral

We invite you to call and find out how bluefish works closely with clients to design and develop unique, effective web sites for companies on the Internet.